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Advantages of Powder Tanker Products
March 22, 2021

Advantages of Powder Tanker Products

The Powder Tankers Transport can be a good solution of transporting dry bulks on the road and save a lot of time and labour force. And how to ensure that the tank trailers or a powder tank truck is a good one to choose for your business? Here are the advantages of our products for your consideration.

Hardware Guarantee:

Frame Pairing Process: The first domestic tubular frame matching technology ensures that the tubular body is not deformed and has a beautiful appearance in the process of matching.

Horizontal positioning technology of chassis: The traction pin and suspension part of trailer are the performance guarantee for the smooth and safe running of the vehicle. Chassis positioning platform has the function of automatically adjusting the height. It can ensure that the chassis of trailer matches the saddle of main vehicle according to the difference of the saddle height of different brands of tractor. It can avoid the problems of traction pin wear, suspension tire wear, trailer tail flick, eccentricity of gravity center and so on.

Three-dimensional Design and CAE Force Analysis

Stainless Steel Valves for Intake Pipeline

Key Components Reinforcement Design Structures

Strong Chamber Reinforcement Structure

Aluminum Alloy Accessories for Aluminum Alloy Powder Tanks

Spraying+Powder Spraying Process

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