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/Aluminum alloy Powder Tank Semi-trailer - CIMC RJST Powder Tank
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Aluminum alloy Powder Tank Semi-trailer - CIMC RJST Powder Tank

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Hardware Guarantee for Product Manufacturing

Frame Pairing Process

The first domestic tubular frame matching technology ensures that the tubular body is not deformed and has a beautiful appearance in the process of matching.

The cylinder size is exactly the same as the design size. It can eliminate stress and never crack.

Horizontal positioning technology of chassis

The traction pin and suspension part of trailer are the performance guarantee for the smooth and safe running of the vehicle.

Chassis positioning platform has the function of automatically adjusting the height. It can ensure that the chassis of trailer matches the saddle of main vehicle according to the difference of the saddle height of different brands of tractor. It can avoid the problems of traction pin wear, suspension tire wear, Trailer tail flick, eccentricity of gravity center and so on.


Aluminum alloy powder tank adopts European design structure and technology to ensure the leading structure industry, the lightest self-weight and the best strength.

38 cubic conventional suspension weight can be light to 5.1 tons, and European composite leaf spring structure can be light to 4.94 tons.

Three-dimensional Design and CAE Force Analysis

The three-dimensional design can ensure that the parts cooperate with each other more reasonably and effectively improve the vehicle performance;

CAE stress analysis can identify the strength of components in advance and optimize the structure effectively in advance;

It can ensure the most reasonable material consumption and the best self-weight.

Stainless Steel Valves for Intake Pipeline

The intake pipe assembly is made of stainless steel valves, which are exquisite in appearance, good in corrosion resistance, low in failure rate and more reliable in use.

Key Components Reinforcement Design Structures

In the course of vehicle running, especially in the case of turning, the torsion of tank body before and after is larger, and the reinforced brace ensures the overall strength.

In the process of main hanging and connecting, the tank body in the supporting leg part bears relatively large impact force, and the trapezoidal structure supporting leg box ensures that the tank body does not deform under impact.

Strong chamber reinforcement structure

The internal circulation track of compressed air is simulated by computer in the air chamber, and the parts with large force in the movement process are strengthened twice to ensure that the gas chamber can not be welded under compression.

Spraying + Powder Spraying Process

  • First in the industry;
  • Spraying + powder spraying process, coating life 5 - 8 years, the coating does not fade;
  • The weatherability and corrosion resistance of the coatings are twice as good as those of the paints;
  • The hardness of the coating reaches H grade and can resist scratching;
  • VOCs, Zero Solid Waste Discharge, Phosphorus-Free and Heavy Metal-Free Pretreatment;
  • Waste heat recovery and countercurrent washing technology are adopted. No occupational health risk and low labor intensity;
  • The production efficiency has been increased four times, the staff has been reduced by 80%, and the online time has been shortened from 50H to 4.5H.The central control system realizes automatic data acquisition, remote monitoring, data analysis and output, and realizes digital workshop;
  • Automatic identification of workpiece to realize the automatic switching of the corresponding production process.

Product Process Advantage

The function of the vehicle type test section of CIMC-RJST test tower is as follows:

More accurately verify the optimum angle of the cylinder and the side slide in the less material residue.

The optimum positioning size of bell mouth height, unloading speed and residue.

Whether the media with different water content adopt the structure without side sliding plate or with side sliding plate.

The Relation between Different Operating Methods and Discharging Speed and Residual Quantity.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.