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Batch delivery of 150 high-end liquid tanks of CIMC RJST
December 01, 2020

On November 30, 150 high-end liquid tanks of CIMC RJST were delivered to Huainan Jiaxi transportation company in batches. Mr. Li Wensheng, general manager of Huainan Jiaxi, Mr. Tang Zhenglin, general manager of CIMC RJST liquid tank truck business department and other leading guests attended the delivery ceremony.

At the delivery site of high-end liquid tank truck, Mr. Tang Zhenglin, general manager of CIMC RJST liquid tank truck division, expressed his sincere thanks and hope for this cooperation. CIMC RJST was founded in 2002 and joined CIMC in 2007. After more than ten years of efforts, it has achieved the leading position in the field of tank cars. The production and sales volume of the three strategic products has been among the top three in China for a long time, and has become a benchmark enterprise in China's tank car manufacturing.

In recent years, CIMC RJST has comprehensively upgraded its production line, products and talents.

Mr. Tang pointed out that intellectualization will be the main direction of the future special purpose vehicle industry. CIMC RJST has been actively exploring intelligent manufacturing, introducing high-end manufacturing equipment, and realizing the upgrading of "intelligent" manufacturing. The digital intelligent production line represents the highest technical level of the tank car industry so far.

The aging of drivers is a common phenomenon in the industry. A new generation of growing young drivers pay more and more attention to the automation of products. Around this phenomenon, CIMC RJST constantly investigates and learns from the excellent market, introduces foreign advanced technology, and works hard on the product itself to achieve all-round upgrading from the product structure, process design, production and accessory supply.

CIMC RJST constantly introduces talents to achieve talent upgrading. It has jointly researched and developed with China University of science and technology, Hefei University of technology, Southeast University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes. It has set up provincial doctoral research workstation to solve the industry pain points in terms of R & D technology.

CIMC RJST always adheres to the concept of "one more friend for every business" and strives to provide customers with better products and services.

At the delivery ceremony, Li Wensheng, general manager of Huainan Jiaxi transportation company, put forward five reasons for choosing CIMC RJST: good brand, high technology, strict management, excellent service and strong team.

A good brand is trustworthy. CIMC RJST tanks are all over the country, and its super high market share makes him realize that CIMC RJST is in a leading position in the special purpose vehicle industry. Excellent corporate culture and excellent management system promote the healthy and sustainable development of CIMC RJST. He firmly believes that choosing CIMC RJST is the right choice. The transportation of dangerous goods is not equal to danger. The choice of CIMC RJST is to solve the problem from the source. In the future, he hoped that Huainan Jiaxi and CIMC RJST would expand cooperation and maintain friendly partnership.

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