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Five Points For Loading and Unloading Cargo
March 17 , 2021

Five Points For Loading and Unloading Cargo

1. Dangerous goods transportation vehicles,companies, drivers, escorts, and stevedores must obtain corresponding qualifications.

2. The loading material must be consistent with the spraying one of the tank and the one specified in the vehicle road transportation certificate.

3. The loading of dangerous goods should be symmetrically balanced wholly fixed, make sure that one truck loads one kind of cargo, and different dangerous goods cannot be mixed or overloaded.

4. After the dangerous goods loading, the name, shape, quantity, disposal method, enterprise contact information, etc. of the dangerous goods shall be recorded in writing and carried with the vehicle.

5. After the liquid dangerous cargo tanker is loaded, the emergency shut-off valve should be closed to ensure that there is no damage or leakage.

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