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Five Things of Safe Driving You Need to Pay Attention to
March 15 , 2021

Five Things of Safe Driving You Need to Pay Attention to

1. Choose a reasonable traffic route with good traffic conditions, keep away from towns and residential areas, don’t enter the areas that the dangerous goods trucks’ access are not allowed. The hazardous chemical transport vehicles should travel under the time and route politically authorized by public security organs.

2. Maintain a safe driving speed. Under any circumstances, the driving speed should not exceed 80 kilometers per hour. The speed should be reduced at night, under low visibility conditions such as rain, fog, ice, and snow.

hazardous chemical transport vehicles

3. Keep a reasonable driving distance with the vehicle in front, and increase the separation distance in severe weather such as rain, fog, ice, and snow.

4. Do not change lanes arbitrarily while driving, you must drive in the prescribed lane while on highways.

5. Drivers should keep their attention, stop for a rest every 2 hours or so, and check the technical status of the vehicle in time to ensure that the emergency shut-off valve is off.

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