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Five Things Required to Be Checked Before Driving
March 13 , 2021

What should be payed attention to when driving a hazardous chemicals tank truck? What need to be checked when a hazardous chemicals tank truck is on the road? What should be considered when loading and unloading the goods?

Five Tings Required to Be Checked Before Driving.

1. Check if the vehicle number plate is installed properly; if the safety inspection signs and insurance signs are placed correctly, if the driving permit, road transport permit, and road transport permit for highly toxic chemicals are complete and valid, which you should carry them with you all the driving time.

2. Check if the safety devices such as vehicle sign lights, sign boards, reflective signs, side rear guards and fire extinguishers are properly equipped, if the GPS devices function well.

3. Check if the vehicle braking, lighting, steering and other safety systems meet the operating requirements, if the tire specifications are qualified and scuffs to a normal degree.

4. Check if the emergency cut-off device of the hazardous liquid tanker truck is properly installed and off.

5. Check if the truck driver and the escort carry the related licenses with them which are complete and effective, such as truck driver license and the escort qualification certificate.

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