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Set Sail to A New Journey—RJST Liquid Tank Truck: Technology Manufacture, the Forceful for Road Safety
March 17 , 2021

Set Sail to A New Journey—RJST Liquid Tank Truck: Technology Manufacture, the Forceful for Road Safety.

The accident of an oil tank truck explosion happened in Zhejiang gave all a warning—security is the most significant issue in hazardous chemical transport vehicles.

Just after the Spring Festival, as more and more companies start their business, the demand for various chemical raw materials and energy fuels has also greatly increased. As an important means of transportation, hazardous chemicals tank trucks must be guaranteed to be perfectly safe.

For the dangerous goods transportation industry, the particularity of the product determines the degree of danger of the industry to a certain extent. whether it’s for a tank truck or a transport driver, safety issues are not trivial at all. After all, many accidents are attributed to the ignorance of such issues. How to guarantee the tank truck safety?This has become an urgent concern for many people in the industry.

To this end, CIMC-RJST, which always devotes itself to safe transportation, provides the greatest assurance of the safely transportation with its excellent products.

CIMC RJST liquid tanker adopts active and passive rear collision avoidance technology, active rear collision avoidance warning, and ultra-long rear collision avoidance distance. The rear head impact test, the rigidity test of the rear anti-collision beam, and the support of the collision rearward movement technology can reduce the probability of rear-end collision and reduce the damage to the tank after rear-end collision, ensuring the safety of dangerous goods.

Passive rear anti-collision technology—impact test of tail head. Super aluminium plate and special structure head can withstand 30 tons of impact test.

Passive rear collision avoidance technology—Integral longitudinal beam structure. The rear collision avoidance distance between the rear head and the bumper far exceed the national standard, while other manufacturers of that are about 20 cm.

Active rear collision avoidance technology, through the radar sensor, can sense the speed and position of the back vehicles. When the back vehicles drive beyond the safe distance, there will be a warning alert in the form of sound and light to remind the back vehicles.

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