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January 23, 2021

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration officially announced the list of "2020 Anhui Province Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprises", and CIMC RJST was honored on the list.

As one of the important brands of CIMC Vehicles, RJST has recently launched a number of high-end models with core technical advantages: 2021 "Aluminum God No. 1" and "Lingxiu No. 1" intelligent liquid tanker, 2021 aluminum alloy powder tanker, 2021 The "HONGYAN-RJST" intelligent mixer truck etc. It has won super popularity and praised by mid-level and high-end customers.

In recent years, with the implementation of the "new national standard" and the rapid development of the logistics industry, the domestic semi-trailer industry has entered the 2.0 era. Represented by companies under CIMC Vehicles, the launch of the second-generation semi-trailer has become the first choice for "upgrading" in the transportation industry, showing huge business opportunities.

High-quality development road for profession

Over the years, CIMC RJST has been adhering to the mission of "making logistics easier due to professionalism", insisting on the idea of "strategic focus, upgrading production lines, and product iteration", and continuing to build a "high-end manufacturing system" in accordance with the group's deployment to increase production capacity and increase production Accelerated, a road of high-quality development has been laid.

In order to enhance R&D strength, in recent years, RJST has cooperated with many Anhui universities to conduct research and development on key projects, and has mastered a number of core technologies and achievements.

CIMC RJST takes the initiative to take the national heavy-handed control of "overrun and overload" and the implementation of new regulations such as GB7258 as new development opportunities. In product iteration, it will first try and continuously improve; at the same time, it actively builds an industrial chain ecosystem and promotes brand marketing Reform, transfer "product value" to "customer value", try online and offline sales models, put forward a three-year warranty commitment, empower the after-sales service department, improve customer satisfaction, and effectively promote sales, thus becoming the industry leader One of the companies.

High quality, become the "intelligent partner" for mid-to-high-end customers

Wang Zhujiang, general manager of CIMC RJST, said: “To make products refinedand maintain superior quality is the foundation for us to win healthy development.” CIMC RJST is confident and determined to make production "Intelligent" and products to "championship". Customers benefit from corporate development and industry changes, and share development dividends.

So, how does CIMC RJST define a "good quality tanker"? Sun Jialong, chief engineer of CIMC RJST, said that good-looking and easy-to-use are the peace of mind for customers; for customers, CIMC RJST’s tankers are not only a tool for making money, but also a travel partner, accompany the owner to "full speed and full strength, all the way forward." So as to become the "safe choice" for our customers under the new situation.

According to reports, since 2016, CIMC RJST’s customer group has gradually shown a high-end trend, and customers are willing to choose models with higher safety, beauty and intelligence; in the minds of customers, CIMC RJST represents "high-end goods" and represents trust.

Sun Jialong said that the 2021 three major intelligent tank products launched by CIMC RJST have been upgraded in terms of vehicle information interaction system, intelligent driving assistance system, active and passive intelligent safety system, etc., with the purpose of bringing customers a more pleasant brand experience. Become a "smart partner" for mid-to-high-end customers.

Star models, embodying hard-core strength

Before 2012, when CIMC RJST's aluminum alloy tanker was launched on the market, there was heated discussion. After that, in line with the concept of lean manufacturing, iterate once a year to meet the needs of customers for new products-not only safety, but also high value and high efficiency.

According to reports, this model uses the world's leading powder electrostatic spraying process, full color, bright and bright, is the first choice for high efficiency and low fuel consumption; adopts the European third-generation full load-bearing technology, so that the vehicle is more uniformly stressed and resistant to liquid impact Compared with similar competitors, it is doubled; the use of aluminum alloy materials in line with European standards and the design of sub-beamless structure make the vehicle 0.2-0.5t lighter than similar competitors, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the car and train is reduced by about 0.8 L.

In addition, in terms of safety, the tank uses super aluminum plate material and head structure design to enable the vehicle to withstand greater impact; the mechanical properties of the material are 30% higher than the national standard, without fear of extreme road conditions. It is also worth mentioning that the tanker adopts active and passive rear collision avoidance technology. It uses radar sensors to sense the speed and position of the following vehicle. When the following vehicle exceeds a safe distance, it will immediately sound and light alarm to remind the following vehicle to realize the rear The tail active anti-collision warning reduces vehicle accidents.

"The second-generation semi-trailer represents a direction, driving the transformation and upgrading of high-end manufacturing in the industry. The company's performance has grown rapidly in the past three years, but this is just the beginning." Wang Zhujiang said that in the future, CIMC RJST will continue to improve its content, expand its fields, and work hard. Provide global customers with smarter and more efficient tank truck transportation solutions, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry and logistics transportation industry.

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