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/Full fire! CIMC RJST 2021 liquid tank has been deal over continuously
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Full fire! CIMC RJST 2021 liquid tank has been deal over continuously
January 28, 2021

As the leader of tank vehicles in China, CIMC RJST has been providing customers with more professional, efficient special vehicle products and services for many years. With the arrival of the Spring Festival, new upgraded 2021 series liquid tank truck has been successfully delivered to major customers all over the countries, helping the development of customers' enterprises with excellent quality and giving back the trust and support of customers with practical actions.

liquid tank truck

Wuhu handover ceremony scene

Shandong handover ceremony scene

Sichuan handover ceremony scene

Xinjiang handover ceremony scene

The new 2021 series liquid tank truck is another new product series of CIMC RJST after the launch of "aluminium god No.1" and "Supreme No. 1" series liquid tank truck. In the current situation of general "reduction" of competing products, the 2021 series liquid tank truck continues to be "added", comprehensively benchmarking the latest regulations and standards, realizing three major upgrades of safety, configuration and appearance, providing multiple guarantees for the operation safety of users!

Compared with other tank vehicle, the fully upgraded 2021 series tank are popular after by customers from all over the countries as soon as it is launched. The secret of its invincibility are:

Advanced aluminium plate: joint research and development with domestic well-known manufacturers, mechanical properties are 15% higher than the national standard.

Cylinder section: according to the different media to be loaded, provide elliptical section and normal circular section and other rich announcement choice.

Baffle: the Baffle of CIMC RJST liquid tank truck is formed by 3000 ton press and mould at one time, with high precision and no mechanical processing damage

Finalization test: Passed 100,000km open road test and 20,000km strengthened road test.

Rear collision avoidance distance: CIMC RJST tank car rear collision avoidance distance in 300-500mm.

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