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Grand Opening of China Concrete Exhibition
December 05, 2020

On December 4, 2020, the 2020 China Concrete Exhibition, which has attracted the attention of the industry, grandly opened in Nanjing International Expo Center. Nearly 200 companies introduced new technologies, new products, and new equipment. The activities were rich and colorful and the content was brilliant. CIMC RJST brought its new generation of high-end intelligent tank trucks to a brilliant appearance. Mr. Wang Hui, deputy general manager of the company's mixer truck business department, attended the exhibition theme forum and delivered a keynote speech on "Embracing the 5G Era and Building an In-depth Service Platform.

Under the general trend of intelligence and regulation in the special-purpose vehicle industry, CIMC RJST fully compliant tank trucks stand out. At the same time, CIMC RJST continues to actively explore intelligent manufacturing, introduces high-end manufacturing equipment, and realizes "smart" manufacturing and upgrading of digital intelligence The production line represents the highest technological level so far in the tanker industry. The on-site exhibition car attracted the attention of many users and was recommended by professionals in the industry.

In terms of intelligence, CIMC RJST focuses on customer pain points and uses intelligent interconnection technology to realize intelligent sensing, automatic control, and intelligent security.

A new generation of intelligent concrete mixer truck

Through intelligent perception means combined with the analysis of the influence of stirring on the performance of the medium, the vehicle is intelligently upgraded to achieve efficient transportation, high-quality stirring, and advanced electric technology to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, improve product safe use ability, and improve vehicle efficiency And management efficiency.

2021 smart aluminum alloy powder tanker

The new generation of intelligent powder tanker is made of European standard aluminum alloy material, and its curb weight is 1.5 tons lighter than ordinary carbon steel powder tank, and it is more fuel-efficient; the curvature and fluidization degree of the cylinder are optimized, and the unique tank inner throat tubular fluidization is adopted The bed compaction technology, the discharge time is faster than similar competitors, and the efficiency is higher; the world's first to use the powder coating process of tank vehicles, the service life of the tank is increased by 5 to 7 years

Embrace the 5G era and build an in-depth service platform

At the exhibition site, Wang Hui, general manager of CIMC RJST mixer business department, made a keynote speech on "embracing 5g era and building deep service platform". He pointed out: "from the perspective of the industry, at present, the competition is changing from enterprise competition to ecosystem competition. Based on more than three years of" integrated "cooperation, CIMC RJST and SAIC IVECO HONGYAN, relying on the strategic cooperation platform of CIMC vehicles and SAIC Group, jointly launched the brand of" Hongyan-Ruijiang ", committed to becoming the leading brand in the industry and serving domestic concrete industry users, Enter the global high-end market.

From the current situation of the industry development, intelligence and legalization are the major trends. In the era of industry 4.0, CIMC RJST has seized the historical development opportunity of digital, intelligent and Internet, carried out a series of research on the world's first production equipment line, gradually realized the "lighthouse factory", realized the comprehensive upgrading of automation and digital ability, greatly realized the replacement of manual labor by machines, improved the working environment and reduced the labor intensity.

From the perspective of future development trend, the four major trends of efficiency, green, interconnection and safety are shaping the global commercial vehicle industry. However, China's commercial vehicle market in the next five years is not optimistic. The domestic heavy truck market is depressed due to the impact of economic downturn and policy tightening. Since 2019, it has shown a sharp decline, and the industry is in confusion. Looking at the global automobile market, China's market is not concentrated, it is an atypical market. In the field of commercial vehicles, Russia and India have a very high market concentration, showing a dominant trend. However, China's concentration is relatively low, which means that it is a highly competitive market and the challenge to us will exist for a long time. "

"In order to promote the development of the industry and actively embrace the trend of social development, CIMC RJST takes the lead in trying the" Online + offline business model "in the special vehicle industry," he said. After more than half a year's careful preparation, the digital marketing has been implemented. The first digital marketing platform "tank army home" app in the tank car industry, with its excellent humanized design and high-quality sensory enjoyment, has opened up a new experience of intelligent customization, sales, service and interaction for us. As the world's largest canning equipment manufacturing enterprise, in the face of changes in the global supply chain, CIMC RJST will seize the opportunity to reconstruct the ecology, provide CIMC RJST solutions for the global supply chain through the application of equipment digitization and intelligent technology, and escort the safety and efficiency of China's concrete industry. ".

It is understood that this exhibition has built a large-scale exhibition platform with rich and diversified new products, new technologies, new equipment and new services of concrete and cement products, aiming at promoting the docking of China's concrete and cement products industry with architectural design and engineering construction, facing the terminal market, opening up the "last mile" of industrial material innovation and product application, and actively helping concrete and water industry Mud products industry to build a "double cycle" pattern. At the same time, it focuses on the achievements of informatization, green and intelligent development of China's concrete and cement products industry, highlighting the clear direction and surging trend of the whole industry towards high quality and digitalization.

As a large-scale exhibition window of concrete and cement products in the world, the exhibition attracted guests from China Construction, China Communications Construction, China railway construction, China power construction, China Water Conservancy and hydropower, China Architectural Design Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences, China Municipal Engineering and other domestic large engineering construction groups and design institutes. Focusing on the six highlights of "green, intelligent, excellent performance, high quality, big brand and new products", a group of Chinese well-known concrete and cement products enterprises, such as CIMC RJST, formed the mainstay of the exhibition.

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