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/Join forces! CIMC RJST mixer truck delivered in batches to Ningbo Global
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Join forces! CIMC RJST mixer truck delivered in batches to Ningbo Global
December 15, 2020

On December 14, the company's new generation "HONGYAN-RJST" intelligent mixer truck was delivered in batches to Ningbo Global, a Zhejiang province customer. Mr. Cai Renyuan, Chairman of Ningbo Global, Mr. Xu Qiang, General Manager, Mr. Wang Hui, Deputy General Manager of CIMC RJST Mixer Department, Mr. Li Jianghui, General Manager of Zhejiang Region of Mixer Department, Mr. Zhang, General Manager of Ruijiang Hangzhou Zhuoyi Trading Co., Ltd. Leaders such as Mr. Xin and Mr. Lu Zhengjun, Service Director of SAIC Hongyan Zhejiang attended the delivery ceremony.

At the delivery site, Mr. Wang Hui, deputy general manager of CIMC RJST Mixer Truck Department, expressed sincere gratitude and hope for this cooperation. "This cooperation between the two parties is a new breakthrough. Ningbo Global is the largest commercial concrete operator in Ningbo, and CIMC RJST is a leader in the tanker industry. The two are united for mutual benefit and win-win results, and give full play to the greatest synergy of both parties. Advantages and comprehensively promote in-depth cooperation in various fields."

Wang Hui emphasized: "CIMC RJST only makes tankers, and it is the unremitting pursuit of CIMC RJST to make tankers the most professional and satisfy customers! In the future, CIMC RJST will continue to deepen the development of one more friend every time it does business. Philosophy. The times are changing and the society is developing. Forging ahead, CIMC RJST hopes to work with you to forge ahead and help the development of both companies!"

Mr. Xu Qiang, General Manager of Ningbo Global, expressed his gratitude to CIMC RJST for its consistent support! "Whether it is policy or service, CIMC RJST has given Ningbo Global a lot of trust and support. The batch of mixer trucks delivered will surely increase the overall image and efficiency of Ningbo Global to a higher level. In the future, he hopes that both parties will form a long-term Strategic partnership, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and work together to build Ningbo Global into a truly competitive enterprise in Ningbo."

As a champion leader in global tanker production and sales, CIMC RJST has been committed to the research and development, innovation and application of tankers, constantly creating social value, customer-centric, digital-driven supply chain, standardization, standardization, informatization, intelligence, Professionally guide customer product upgrades to ensure safe and efficient operation of the supply chain.

In the era of Industry 4.0, CIMC RJST has seized the historical development opportunities of digital, intelligent, and interconnected, and carried out a series of researches on the world’s first production equipment lines, with the goal of "lighthouse factory", and gradually realizing a comprehensive upgrade with automation and digital capabilities. , Substantially realize the replacement of labor by machines, improve the working environment and reduce labor intensity. To achieve CIMC RJST becoming the world's strongest and largest specialized tanker production and service base.

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