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  • Performance Bulletin
    Apr 29, 2021

    Performance Bulletin: First Quarter Revenue of 28.9 Billion, Net Profit of 1.5 Billion, CIMC Gets the Best Start in History On the evening of April 27th, CIMC Group (hereinafter referred to as CIMC, stock code: 000039.SZ\2039.HK) officially released the company's performance report for the first quarter of 2021. According to the report, CIMC achieved operating income of RMB 28.864 billion in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 82.08%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent firm and other equity holders is RMB 1.507 billion. It achieved a year-on-year turnaround from losses to profits, an increase of 334.99% year-on-year, marking the best start in CIMC's history. Behind this set of data are the helplessness during the sudden outbreak of the epidemic last spring, the decision of some companies to announce that they have entered a special period, CIMC's stable business capabilities spanning 40 years, and CIMC's resilience that is getting stronger and stronger and of course, also the joy of today's harvest. All these achievements have benefited from the national success in fighting the epidemic and the continuous stable prevention and control of the epidemic. CIMC's good performance is also a microcosm and representative of Chinese enterprises. CIMC's container yard The economic recovery pushes up the demand for international trade, driving the quantity and price of containers to rise together. In the first quarter of 2021, although the epidemic is still spreading around the world, with the support of the vaccination plan and the European and American economic relief plans, the global economy has accelerated its recovery trend, international trade has maintained a high degree of prosperity, and China's economy has a good start. The high demand for containers continues. The IMF released the latest World Economic Outlook Report, which predicts that the global GDP growth rate in 2021 will be 6%. Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on April 16 showed that China's GDP in the first quarter increased by 18.3% year-on-year. Recently, the China Export Container Freight Index CCFI and China Import Container Freight Index CICFI have both set new records. Among them, the slope of the CCFI's rising curve year-to-date can be described as ‘steep’. In the first quarter, the cumulative sales of CIMC dry cargo containers were 450,800 TEU, saw year-on-year rises of approximately 174.04%; the cumulative sales of reefer containers were 45,900 TEU, an year-on-year increase of approximately 82.14%. The huge trade demand has driven the sales and revenue of CIMC's container manufacturing business to rise sharply. Some analytical institutions believe that under the the current background of global trade recovery and economic recovery, a new round of shipping cycle may start. From the perspective of the supply and demand of containers, no matter from the short, medium and long term perspective, it shows that the contai...

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  • 2021 China Dangerous Goods Regulations and Standards Promotion and Implementation Conference Was Held in Tianjin, CIMC Ruijiang Technical Experts Participated in The Meeting For Guidance
    Apr 09, 2021

    2021 China Dangerous Goods Regulations and Standards Promotion and Implementation Conference was held in Tianjin, CIMC Ruijiang technical experts participated in the meeting for guidance On March 31, 2021, the first station of the 2021 China Dangerous Goods Regulations and Standards Public Welfare Conference hosted by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Branch and Tianjin Road Transportation Administration was successfully held in Tianjin. Liu Yuhang, secretary-General of China IOT Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Branch, Zhang Jiakun, director of Road Transportation Division of Tianjin Road Transportation Administration, Fan Wenji, Ren Chunxiao, associate Researchers of Highway Research Institute, Ministry of Transport, and Sun Yong, Manager of Wuhu CIMC Ruijiang Automobile Co., Ltd., gathered together to give lectures on the laws and regulations of road transportation safety of dangerous goods. More than 350 people from dangerous goods road transport enterprises participated in this training. The meeting was also strongly supported by the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport and Wuhu CIMC Ruijiang Automobile Co., Ltd. At the meeting, Liu Yuhang, secretary general of the Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, delivered a speech, expressing sincere thanks to the leaders, three lecturers, Tianjin Road Transportation Administration and Ruijiang Tanker for their strong support. Secretary-General Liu Yuhang pointed out: "With the continuous expansion of China's dangerous goods road transportation industry, the number of atmospheric liquid dangerous goods tankers has increased year by year, which has made great contributions to supporting the continuous and rapid development of China's chemical industry; the branch will adhere to the principle of "standards leading, gradual progress, unblocking integration, and coordinated advancement", actively assisting the Ministry of Transport and other departments to carry out atmospheric liquid dangerous cargo tank truck management. In the future, the branch will focus on improving the overall management and control safety level, the intelligent development level of the industry, the professional level of emergency rescue and on-site disposal. In the end, he said that the purpose of this publicity meeting is to actively disseminate the latest policies and implementation standards for road transportation of dangerous goods, and guide the development of the road transportation industry of dangerous goods in a standardized, orderly, safe and healthy manner. Zhang Jiakun, director of the Road Transportation Department of Tianjin Road Transportation Administration, emphasized at the meeting that safety is the foundation of enterprise development and industry advancement. Enterprises should actively explore the road to safe, orderly, and benign and high-quality development of road transportation in ...

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  • CIMC Ruijiang won multiple certification awards from the Quality Inspection Association
    Mar 30, 2021

    CIMC Ruijiang won multiple certification awards from the Quality Inspection Association On this year’s "March 15" International Consumer Rights Day, CIMC Ruijiang actively responded to the call and participated in the "Product and Service Quality Integrity Commitment" theme activity organized by the China Association for Quality Inspection (hereinafter referred to as the "Quality Inspection Association"). More than 2,000 industry leaders across the country made a solemn commitment to product and service quality and integrity, which aroused attention from the whole society. In this event, CIMC Ruijiang has been awarded the "National Product and Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise", "National Quality Credit Excellent Enterprise", and "National Leading Brand in Special Vehicle Industry" through professional evaluation by the Quality Inspection Association. While achieving "National Sales No.1", it also establishes a benchmark for quality and intergrity of Chinese enterprises, and gives play to the exemplary and leading role of excellent enterprises.

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  • The Fourth Session of The First Council and 2020 Industry Commendation Conference
    Mar 26, 2021

    CIMC Ruijiang and Xi’an Building Energy Conservation Association Jointly Held the Fourth Session of The First Council and 2020 Industry Commendation Conference On March 18, the fourth session of the first council of the Xi'an Building Energy Conservation Association and the 2020 Industry Commendation Conference were held in the first international conference hall on the first floor of Qujiang Hotel. The meeting was hosted by Xi'an Building Energy Conservation Association and Co-organized by Wuhu CIMC Ruijiang Tanker Vehicle co.,ltd. There were more than 480 guests present in the meeting, including leaders of Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Xi'an Social Organizations, Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, and member representatives, directors, executive directors, vice-chairmen of Xi'an Building Energy Conservation Association and relevant media representatives . At the meeting, Guo Tigen, executive chairman of the Xi'an Building Energy Conservation Association, delivered a speech, and Chang Ruifeng, the vice chairman and secretary-general of the Xi'an Building Energy Conservation Association, reported the association's 2020 work report and issued the main work points for 2021. Director Ma Xuan of the Building Energy Conservation and Technology Division of the Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau delivered a speech on the green and high-quality development of the construction industry, and Chen Jianming, the Director of the Certification Supervision Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau gave important instructions on the promotion of the provincial green building materials certification. The conference awarded awards to advanced enterprises and individuals that performed outstandingly in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and commended outstanding enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding experts and outstanding individuals in the building energy conservation industry in Xi'an in 2020, and announced the list of winners of the 12th batch of honorary grade certificates of Xi'an construction industry green construction demonstration projects. As one of the co-organizers of this conference, CIMC Ruijiang actively participated in the preparations for the conference, and took advantage of the opportunity of this conference to introduce the company’s development history and three core products, demonstrating the superiority of Ruijiang tankers in manufacturing technology and product quality.

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  • Tian Chao, General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Import and Export Co. Ltd., With His Entourage, Visited CIMC RJST
    Mar 18, 2021

    Tian Chao, General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Import and Export Co. Ltd., With His Entourage, Visited CIMC RJST. On March 12, Mr. Tian Chao, general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Import and Export Co.Ltd. and his entourage visited CIMC Ruijiang. Liu Wei, assistant of general manager of CIMC RJST and general manager of overseas business department, and the heads of the various regions and departments of the overseas business department participated in the exchange activities. In the morning, Mr. Tian and his entourage visited the Ruijiang factory production line and fully understood the production process and product performance of Ruijiang tankers. In the manufacturing workshop, Mr. Liu introduced in detail the laser cutting, automatic welding of Concrete Mixer Truck and European automatic powder spraying processes that our company has used. Ruijiang's digital, intelligent production lines and high-quality products have been highly praised by the General Manager Tian. After the visit, the two sides held a symposium. At the meeting, Mr. Liu introduced the development history and the business conditions of CIMC Ruijiang, and shared the company's overseas market development plan and channel construction. Mr. Liu pointed out that as an important OEM supplier, Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Corporation has a strong overseas network and a global standardized service system, as well as a complete export product research and development system. Its vehicle product export volume and export value have been top in the industry for many consecutive years. At present, Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Company and CIMC RJST have good cooperation in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, South America and other regions. He hoped that both parties can further strengthen overseas business exchanges, deepen business cooperation, and achieve long-term development under a win-win model. The General Manager Tian also fully affirmed CIMC RJST’s domestic and overseas performance in recent years, hoping that RJST could continuously optimize its industrial upgrading and continuously achieve innovative breakthroughs relying on the trend of brand upgrading and based on its position as the “No. 1 in national sales volume”, and gradually improve its position in the international market through brand remodeling. The teams of both parties had full exchanges on deepening cooperation and win-win development in overseas markets and reached a number of consensuses. It is believed that through the concerted efforts of both parties, more overseas customers will be provided with better products and services, and greater value for more overseas customers will be created.

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  • Ruijiang College Successfully Held The First Marketing Training Class In 2021
    Mar 16, 2021

    Talent empowerment and win-win cooperation | Ruijiang College successfully held the first marketing training class in 2021 From March 10th to 13th, the first 2021 marketing training course of CIMC Ruijiang was held in the Wuhu CIMC Ruijiang plant. The training lasted for 4 days and was mainly open to the first batch of new recruits from the Concrete Mixer Truck business department, which attracted a total of 53 new business representatives from 14 regions across the country to participate in the study. Zhang Shitao, deputy general manager of CIMC Ruijiang, Wang Hui, deputy general manager of the mixer truck division, and the head of the marketing department attended the training event, and invited internal marketing experts to bring essential training which contains many meaningful learning materials. On the morning of March 11, under the leadership of a colleague from the company's general manager's office, all the trainees visited CIMC Ruijiang's Phase I and Phase II manufacturing workshops and testing centers to get to know and familiarize themselves with Ruijiang's production lines and equipment for the first time. Subsequently, at the opening ceremony held at the Customer Experience Center, Wang Hui, deputy general manager of the mixer truck business department, delivered a speech, expressing welcome and encouragement to the participants, hoping to take advantage of this training opportunity to help channel newcomers understand Ruijiang's products and service system, make full use of internal professional resources to empower the market, and then deeply implement the "Ruijiang Tanker" brand upgrade concept, and realize the overall common progress of the industry.

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  • Batch delivery of mixer trucks
    Mar 10, 2021

    As the leader of China's tanker vehicles, CIMC RJST has been committed to providing customers with more professional, safer and more efficient special vehicle products and services for many years. The newly upgraded 2021 series of tanker trucks have been successfully delivered to major customers around the world, assisting the development of customers’ enterprises with excellent quality, and repaying customers’ trust and support with practical actions, achieving three major upgrades in safety, configuration and appearance, and providing multiple operational safety for users.

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  • Batch delivery of aluminum alloy semi-trailer
    Mar 09, 2021

    CIMC RJST has been committed to the research and development, innovation and application of tankers, creating social value, customer-centric, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the supply chain, continuous innovation of Concrete Mixer Truck, developing mixer trucks to adapt to different chassis,and committed to providing customers with professional services and solutions, and gaining global more customer support

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  • Happy New Year!
    Feb 09, 2021

    " HONG YAN-RJST " mixer truck is a high-end product jointly created by CIMC RJST and SAIC IVECO HONG YAN  based on national regulations and standards and focusing on improving users' economic benefits. Since it sells, with its excellent quality and efficient service, it has been widely trusted by customers and is currently the fastest growing brand of mixers. As the Spring Festival of 2021 is approaching and every family is celebrating the New Year, " HONG YAN- RJST" agitator is also performing the grand occasion of hot delivery across the world, among which there are many loyal users of CIMC RJST! In January, Xinding Concrete Co., Ltd., from Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, had already owned several CIMC RJST vehicles. The selection of HONG YAN-RJST as the first batch of new mixing station test vehicle, is also through the understanding of the many advantages of its capture "heart". Another customer is Xinxiang Jiantong Municipal Building Materials Co., Ltd. They purchased a batch of Red Rock Mixer as early as 2018 (all vehicles are red). The continued choice of Red Rock CIMC RJST this time is also a full recognition of its superior performance by comparing the use of similar products. The new generation of HONG YAN-RJST intelligent mixer, with seven technical upgrades, stands out among similar products, but also through the test of time, really become a can meet the needs of users, and professional, safe, reliable mixer truck.

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